Mission and Aims

The aims of the BIA include:

  • To foster the interests of the Australian Bicycle Industry.

  • To promote sound and ethical trading and commercial practices.

  • To collect information and statistics on the Australian Bicycle Industry.

  • To make representations to governments and other industries for the benefit of the Australian Bicycle Industry.

  • To promote communication within the Australian Bicycle Industry.

BIA activities include the following:

  • An information and update service (email) on matters affecting the industry.

  • Collecting statistics on activity in the bicycle industry.

  • Providing advice on consumer and trade practices matters.

  • Representing the industry on Standards committees.

  • Member meetings including expert briefings on topical issues.

  • Encouraging improved quality of services provided by the industry.

  • Networking with national and international bicycle industry associations.

  • Providing oversight of the Cycling Promotion Fund.

  • Representing the industry to governments, relevant agencies & organisations.

  • Participating in national, and State & Territory bicycle advisory councils.

  • Supporting selected campaigns and advocacy actions through the Cycling Promotion Fund.

  • Providing a point of referral and information for the general public.

  • Making submissions to governments, the media and others on matters concerning bicycle related issues including standards, promotion, facilities and cycling culture.

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