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Ebike conversion kits

Peter Bourke

27 Apr 2021

The BIA has been requested by the Victorian Coroner to participate in a review of e-bike conversion kits, including possible education campaigns and legislative changes, to facilitate their safe operation and enhance public safety.

- this review is a recommendation by the Victorian Coroners' findings in the death of Scott Adams by injuries sustained in a motor vehicle collision (motorcyclist)

Coroners report can be found here

Scott Adams was riding a modified bicycle with a conversion kit at up to 60kmh when involved in a collision. The bicycle was considered an unregistered motorcycle.

The initial meeting for the review will be held on Tuesday May the 4th.

To ensure the BIA is representing the views of the industry, I am inviting members to join an online meeting to discuss current issues and best practice relating to conversion kits;

Monday the 3rd May
11am (AEST)

To join the meeting - please use this link

Meeting discussion draft agenda;

- Welcome and introductions
- Coroners report overview
- Current Victorian legislation overview
- General discussion - issues relating to conversion kits
- Options to improve safety of conversion kit users
- Examples of best practice management
- Education campaigns
- Legislative changes
- Other opportunities
- Next steps

Look forward to talking to you next week.

Regards Peter

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