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Australia will hit a new all-time record of 1.75 million bicycles imported into the country in a single 12 month period.

Based on historical trends and ABS import data, a new record of 1.75 million bicycles will enter our ports by 30 June 2021 to be sold in bicycle shops and retailers.

The bicycle industry association’s Peter Bourke predicts the ‘COVID dividend’ for bike sales as Australians chose to ride in unprecedented numbers has resulted in a 50% increase in sales across the board.

‘Bicycle sales throughout COVID were fantastic, emptying shops and warehouses alike and we expect that demand to drive this new 2020/21 Financial Year import record of 1.75 million units.

‘It seems Australians voted for bike riding during COVID and visited bike shops with the entire family, leaving with new bikes for everyone or getting their old bikes from the shed repaired and ready for riding.

‘Those supply chain issues in 2020 that caused significant shortages of stock across the board are still being felt with very low floor stock available nationally and long wait lists, something that will take many months to resolve but makes this new record all the more remarkable,’ Mr Bourke said.

‘It is not just bikes flying out the doors,’ said Peter Bourke.

‘Sales of spare parts such as tyres and tubes, lights, frames and forks have all increased by 50% while repair shops had wait lists of several weeks as people pulled their old bikes out of the shed and realise they need some repairs to get them going again.’

Peter Bourke says many of the bikes were used near home during the lockdown restrictions but are now being used to provide genuine transport solutions as people have headed back the office and looked for healthy, convenient and COVID-safe commuting options.

‘With 3 months still to go for this financial year, the numbers have already equalled any full year on record, and with many un-fulfilled orders still in the system, the number will continue to be unprecedented,’ Bourke added.

With World Bicycle Day this Wednesday June 3rd, and the boom in imports and sales, the industry calls on governments at all levels to invest accordingly in the bicycle infrastructure to support the approximately four million Australians choosing to ride for fun, fitness and transport every week.

Key stats:
• The previous records - Financial Year 2014-2015 – 1,419,825 bicycles imported into Australia
• Since the 2014-15 record, numbers continued to fall to a low of 1.1 million in 2019-2020
• The impact of covid is a predicted 50% growth to 1.75 million* bikes, and like many imported products, this would be higher except for global stock shortages on bicycles that have kept waiting lists long across the country.
• Bicycle imports for the nine months to the end of March 2021= 1,413,327 units (equal to previous full year records).
• On average 2 adults bikes are being sold for every child’s bike.
• Highlighting how much Australians have embraced bicycles, the record figure is about double the 917,000 motor vehicles sold in Australia in 2020.
• ABS bicycle import stats have been used since 1998 as an objective proxy for bicycle sales.

Bicycle Industries Australia is the peak industry body representing Australia’s bicycle industry
• Bike data from the Australian Bureau Statistics

Media contact:
• Peter Bourke, General Manager Bicycle industries Australia, 0438871271

A new record in bicycle numbers in Australia

31 May 2021

The BIA has been requested by the Victorian Coroner to participate in a review of e-bike conversion kits, including possible education campaigns and legislative changes, to facilitate their safe operation and enhance public safety.

- this review is a recommendation by the Victorian Coroners' findings in the death of Scott Adams by injuries sustained in a motor vehicle collision (motorcyclist)

Coroners report can be found here

Scott Adams was riding a modified bicycle with a conversion kit at up to 60kmh when involved in a collision. The bicycle was considered an unregistered motorcycle.

The initial meeting for the review will be held on Tuesday May the 4th.

To ensure the BIA is representing the views of the industry, I am inviting members to join an online meeting to discuss current issues and best practice relating to conversion kits;

Monday the 3rd May
11am (AEST)

To join the meeting - please use this link

Meeting discussion draft agenda;

- Welcome and introductions
- Coroners report overview
- Current Victorian legislation overview
- General discussion - issues relating to conversion kits
- Options to improve safety of conversion kit users
- Examples of best practice management
- Education campaigns
- Legislative changes
- Other opportunities
- Next steps

Look forward to talking to you next week.

Regards Peter

E-bike conversion kits - Vic Coroners report

26 May 2021

The Victorian Premier has announced - Victoria will move to lockdown restrictions from 11:59pm tonight. These settings will remain in place until 11:59pm on 3 June.

This includes all metro and regional locations

During the lockdowns, there are five permitted reasons to leave the house;
- shopping for essential goods (limit within 5km of home)
- limit of one person shopping at a time
- care and caregiving
- exercise (limit 2hrs per day with on other person within 5km of home)
- authorised work
- receive vaccine

All general retail is closed -


Listed on the Table of restrictions, vehicle and mechanical repair services is considered an authorised service.
Bicycles are considered vehicles under Victorian legislation
It is the interpretation of the BIA that this, like the previous stage 4 Victorian metropolitan restrictions, allows Victorian bike shops to continue to provide bicycle repair but not general service to bicycles during the lockdown.

Listed on the table of restrictions -' click and collect' service is authorised, allowing bike shops to operate click and collect service - but not allow customers into their stores.
If you choose to continue to operate bicycle repair or click and collect, a stringent Covid safe plan must be in place.

All non essential staff not directly required to repair the bicycles or supply of click and collect goods must work from home.

Masks are mandatory in all indoor and outdoor spaces outside your own house.
Full media release

Further details and timelines will be released in coming days.

If you require someone to talk to about any issues or need help to support someone else - please contact the Covid Mental health wellbeing support service on 1800 51 23 84

Regards Peter

Vic Covid update - 28 May 2021

28 May 2021