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Bicycle refurbishment workshop manager - Melbourne


Reporting to: Back2Bikes Director

Salary: Salary Negotiable depending on experience and qualifications

Hours: Permanent Part Time 9am- 5pm Sundays There will be opportunities to work casually other days if the applicant agrees.

Location: Port Melbourne, Victoria Australia

Purpose of the position The workshop manager position is to ensure the smooth flow of work by volunteers. Sundays will be solely devoted to refurbishing bikes for clients referred to us by social welfare agencies. The workshop will not be open to the public on Sundays. We are already open to the public 6 days per week.

Responsibilities and duties Assign or perform the following and other tasks:- Bicycle refurbishment tasks according to volunteers abilities. Ordering the volunteers lunches Cleaning to COVID Standard. Ensuring OH & S regulations are complied with by all volunteers. Informing weekday managers of any stock, tools and consumables needed to maintain throughput of bicycles Volunteer orientation and training Drive the flow of referrals of bikes for those in need at Back2Bikes At day's end ensuring the workshop is clean and secure.

Academic and trade qualifications Desirable qualifications ● Certificate level in bicycle repair ● Any tertiary level diploma or degree which may be relevant to your duties

Work experience and skills Desirable experience ● A level of bicycle expertise such that the applicant could teach a 6 x 1.5 hour course in Introduction to Bicycle Mechanics

● Some background working in human services, retail or teaching ● Administrative skills to a level necessary to ensure successful operation of the workshop

Personal qualities and behavioural traits Essential qualities or behaviours ● A high level of interpersonal skill in dealing with both clients and volunteers of varied backgrounds. ● The ability to continually reassess and reschedule workflow to achieve refurbishment in a timely manner with a volunteer workforce ● An ability to encourage and enthuse volunteers to maintain a high quality of work. ● Be able to co operate and communicate in a work share position with the weekday Workshop Managers.


The position will be trained by one of the current co workshop managers or by a qualified volunteer.

The workshop manager reports to the Directors of Back2Bikes

The workshop manager will attend the regular meetings of the volunteer advisory group when deemed necessary.

Review Date The position will be reviewed after an initial 3 months trial.

Application Please apply in writing to by 1 March 2021 to Any queries relating to your job application should be sent to the above address. This includes requests for our Volunteer Handbook which give a good overview of the position within the overall organisation. The handbook also covers the position of Back2Bikes in relation to social and gender equity.

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