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MTB Direct is a leading online retailer selling mountain bike parts, clothing, and accessories to riders in New Zealand and Australia. We’ve been recognised in a bunch of awards for our consistent, fast growth and our forward-thinking approach to business since our inception in 2012.

As well as retailing a wide range of well-known international brands, we also source, design, and manufacture products ourselves through a growing number of in-house brands.

Why does this role exist?

The Product Developer leads the design and development of new products in MTB Direct’s Own Brand Product (OBP) Brands. Working with the OBP Manager, the OBP Developer is responsible for concept development, product design, supplier communication, and brand-building as we grow our in-house brand offering.

So who do we need? We need you to -

  • Lead the design and development of new products in our product roadmap. This may include hard goods (e.g. bicycle cockpit and drivetrain parts), accessories (pumps, tools, lights), and/or soft goods (clothing and protective gear).

  • Work with the Head of Inventory and Purchasing to align the OBP product roadmap with the broader MTB Direct inventory catalog, and ensure the commercial success of the OBP catalog.

  • Monitor MTB market trends to identify new product opportunities or technical developments. Stay up to date with trends in mountain biking, and retain a solid understanding of technical specifications and limitations of MTB products. Consider the marketability and commercial opportunities for new products and product features during the product development process.

  • Be an on the tools doer. You get stuff done. You are as comfortable doing day-to-day vendor communication as you are stretching your limits working on new categories you might not be familiar with.

  • Be stoked on our values and clear on how they would play out in our marketing.

  • Have a vision for where our OBP brands could position themselves in the market to serve our customers, understand what is lacking in the market and what we can do to create something truly interesting and exciting.

What are the requirements? We’re really interested to hear from candidates with relevant experience. We believe demonstrating deep, relevant experience trumps a piece of paper any day! We’re looking for someone who can clearly demonstrate experience and success in:

  • Bringing products to market. You should have demonstrated experience in bringing products from a scrappy idea dreamt up at the pub all the way through to mass manufacture and sale. Tertiary qualification in industrial design, product engineering, mechanical engineering, textile design or technical product management is great, but not necessary. We are looking for someone with hands-on experience. Bonus points if you have worked in cycling our outdoor industries previously.

  • Experience working with third-party manufacturing partners, particularly in Taiwan and China.

  • Ideally, you are a mountain biker that loves nerding out over the technical details of new bikes and parts. If you are not, you should be very comfortable with trends in outdoor soft goods industries.

What does that all look like in practice? Well if you’d been with us over the last few months, you would have -

  • Completed 3D models, approved manufacturer drawings and commissioned first samples of a new range of cockpit components or protective gear.

  • Sent our prototype shoes to a group of product testers and collected feedback about their performance.

  • Due to lengthy lead times at the existing manufacturer, you started investigating new manufacturers to source an existing product from.

  • Designed packaging for a new light.

  • Assisted the Head of Inventory in preparing a revenue and cash flow forecast for the next financial year for new OBP products currently in development.

  • Worked with the marketing and inventory teams to prepare for our Mid-Year sale, recommending products to be included and ensuring quality content for OBP products during the sale.

  • Researched systems to maintain and protect our intellectual property in relation to in-house designed products.

  • Approached and led discussions to find a new agent in Taiwan to assist in order consolidation and order placement.

  • Developed an ESG strategy for our OBP catalog, establishing some guidelines around supply chain transparency and responsibility.

  • Worked closely with our existing manufacturing partners to ensure cost and manufacturing efficiency. Developed relationships with new manufacturing partners in Australia and Asia, as required to achieve our product roadmap.

What about the details? Sure, here are a few other bits and pieces about this role -

Location: Anywhere! Preferably in Australia or New Zealand, but we will consider candidates in other countries (subject to legal requirements). You’ll be working remotely. Our whole team works remotely, using apps like Slack to chat and do regular calls. You’ll just need a home office / work-from-home setup with reliable, fast internet.

Hours and remuneration:

You'll be primarily working from home, with no commute (or corporate uniform!) required. You’ll work an agreed set of hours each week - we can be flexible on which hours but they will be agreed in advance so we know when you’ll be around and we can make sure we hit all our targets and deadlines!

This is a full-time role with a salary that will vary depending on the experience of the candidate, with an indicative range of AUD 70,000 - 100,000.

Sound like you? Then here’s how to apply!

Please include:

  • A PDF copy of your current CV

  • A one-page summary of a product you have previously brought to market. What problem were you trying to solve? How did you approach those problems? How did the product go? What did you learn and would do differently next time? You can include drawings, models or pictures, or just tell us in text form.

  • Please include in your covering email an explanation of why you’re a great fit for the job. In this email, please make specific references to:

  • Any previous roles or work that included similar responsibilities, and what outcomes were achieved.

  • Any previous experience working remotely/with a remote team.

  • Any previous work with businesses similar to us (agile, rapidly growing, e-commerce).

Please email applications to with the subject line “I’m [NAME] and I’m applying to be your new Own Brand Product Developer” before 5pm (Melbourne time) Friday 6 August 2021.

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