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Contract programmer -

We're a small media business that has been running for many years.

We're looking for an experienced programmer to write a new user portal for our YearBooks.

Although we're based in Wollongong NSW, the successful applicant can live anywhere in Australia.

We've written a detailed scoping document for this one-off task. It is too long to fit within Seek's text limit but this table of contents gives you an overview. We'll include just a few of these sections below.


Background to our Company

Background to the YearBooks

Intended Functions Performed by the Portal

Review of the Current Portal and its Shortcomings

Functions of the New Portal 


Selection Criteria for Successful Tenderer

Timeline, Milestones & Contacts



Background to our Company

We are a small B2B media company, Bicycle Lane Pty Ltd, based in Wollongong NSW, with four part time employees including myself and some occasional contractors.

We publish two websites and newsletters with related social media, that each include a YearBook.


One media title is The Latz Report, the other is the Micromobility Report


The Latz Report covers bicycle trade news.


The Micromobility Report covers three main areas: 

  • All forms of light electric vehicles including e-bikes, e-scooters etc

  • Mobility for people with a disability

  • Infrastructure (public infrastructure such as bike paths, bike share schemes and many other categories)


Both are focused upon the Australian market and the vast majority of both YearBook listers and YearBook target audiences are Australian based.




Background to the YearBooks


The YearBooks are sourcing guides primarily produced to facilitate B2B (business to business) and B2G (business to government) transactions.



They contain four sections:


Section One    Main Address List       This includes all details for each listing company

Section Two    Product Types             This is a cross reference index by product category

Section Three  Brand Names              This is a cross reference index by brand name

Section Four    Organisation Types     This is a cross reference index by organisation type


Both of our YearBooks are produced in print and online (flipbook) formats. The content of the online and print versions of each respective YearBook is identical and we do not update the flipbook versions at all during each year, even though this would be technically possible to do.


We publish the two YearBooks, one for each of our two media titles, six months apart.



Selection Criteria for Successful Tenderer




Must be based in Australia – we will not be using an offshore contractor.


Must have excellent communication skills particularly and speak English as a first language.


Must write the portal program code in a mainstream software platform that has a large customer base and a large number of other programmers who use that platform.


Must be able to provide at least three trade referees (ie contacts, not written references) of past clients for whom they’ve done similar work.




Being based in the same city as we are (Wollongong NSW) would be ideal, but if not, then ideally in the same time zone ie eastern Australia.



Timeline, Milestones & Contacts


April / May 2024 We will be putting the new portal development contract out to tender


May 2024 Discussions with potential contractors and selection of the winning bid.


May – July 2024 development of the new portal including ample opportunity for our team to test and give feedback.


Monday 5th August 2024  New portal goes live and opened to listers.


Friday 11th October. Material deadline for Micromobility Report YearBook. Portal is closed to listers and data is downloaded for YearBook production.


Contact Details:


Please email your tender to:

Phil Latz, Publisher


If you have any questions please use the same email address or call


You can see flipbook versions of current yearbooks here:

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