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Jnr bike mechanic - Sydney

  • Are you the person your friends ask to fix things? Assembling Ikea furniture is what you do for your family?

  • Do you enjoy riding a bike and wish there were more people using active transport instead of road hungry, petrol using vehicles?

  • Are looking for an exciting, fulfilling and flexible work environment?

  • Have you worked in a retail or customer service role and would like to be part of a business determined to provide customers with an enjoyable, reliable and outstanding customer service experience?

If that sounds like you, then please keep on reading.

Lug+Carrie was established in January 2020 with a mission to provide an easy way for people to own an eBike. We believe eBikes are a sustainable and efficient form of transport that are not only good for people but also the city they live in, and our subscriptions provide our customers everything they need to get started and stay riding.

As our business expands we are on the search for a junior bike mechanic to join our team and learn to be responsible for building, servicing and maintaining our fleet of cargo eBikes across Sydney. This includes:

  • Maintaining our bike workshop, including management of spare parts inventories and equipment;

  • Delivering eBikes to new customers; and

  • Mobile bike servicing and customer support across Sydney.

We’d love to hear from you if you have:

  • a minimum of two years experience with an allen key

  • a willingness to learn to be a bicycle mechanic (we provide training including professional courses)

  • experience working in retail or customer service roles

  • excellent interpersonal and communication skills

  • the ability to manage and organise work in a systematic and timely manner, including great attention to detail

  • a current NSW driver licence

The team at Lug+Carrie are passionate about what we do and are excited to welcome new people into the mix. We pay above market salary, provide you with learning and development opportunities and an environment where you can thrive. Please get in touch for a chat by selecting “Apply”!

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