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Journalist / Editor

  • Location - Anywhere in Australia.

  • Work from Home.

  • Hours Flexible.

  • Permanent Part Time.

  • Attractive Salary.

Here is a unique opportunity for you to do something deeply satisfying and worthwhile, if you share our perspectives in relation to sustainability, social equity and liveable communities.

You’d be joining a small, highly skilled and experienced team led by an unashamedly idealistic founder.

We currently comprise four part time members plus a couple of regular contributors.

We produce two media titles:

Micromobility Report

The Micromobility Report, [link removed] is Australia’s first and only specialist media focusing on this new, exciting and rapidly expanding field.

The Micromobility Report written for a wide range of business leaders, all levels of government, academia and the general public. It’s aimed at an Australian readership, covering covers news and events not only Australia-wide but from throughout the world.

Its current and planned future content is divided into four main areas:

  • All forms of micromobility products, also known as PMD’s (personal mobility devices). These include e-bikes, e-scooters, cargo bikes and more.

  • Mobility for people with a disability: including mobility scooters, electric wheelchairs and all related products and issues.

  • Infrastructure: including bike and scooter share systems, protected paths, policy and funding, mobility as a service and more.

  • Recreation: including rail trails, mountain bike trails and all other forms of cycle tourism.

The Latz Report

The Latz Report, [link removed] is Australia and New Zealand’s only bicycle trade newsletter and media service.

Founder, Phil Latz, has over 30 years of bicycle media experience, having co-founded Bicycling Australia in 1989 and built it into Australia's largest cycling media business, including a trade media division founded in 1996.

In 2014 Phil sold Bicycling Australia after 25 years' ownership during which time the company peaked at 15 team members across magazine and book publishing, online media and mail order.

In 2018 Yaffa Media, who was the purchaser of the five titles that comprised the magazine component of the business, decided to close Bicycling Trade Magazine, which had been founded by Phil over two decades earlier. Having sold the Bicycling Trade masthead, Phil simply recommenced under his own name as ‘The Latz Report’, and later ‘The Latz Report Yearbook’. Both have been immediately successful, thanks to the goodwill and deep relationships generated with the target audience since 1989.

The Latz Report newsletter is sent via email to over 2,000 members of the bicycle trade throughout Australia and New Zealand, with much smaller readership across Asia, Europe and America. Subscribers include bicycle shops, wholesalers, manufacturers, cycle hire and tourism operators plus other related enterprises.

The Latz Report is 100% B2B focused and is not marketed or distributed to the general public.

Pre-covid, Australia’s bicycle industry was already vibrant, with a turnover exceeding one billion dollars per year. Since March 2020 it has seen an era of unprecedented growth, thanks to covid-induced demand, new technology leading to rapidly growing new sectors such as e-bikes and a gradual increase in safe infrastructure provision by all levels of government.

Put simply, the industry is booming, only constrained by global manufacturing capacity struggling to keep up with demand.

We predict that although the current boom will eventually abate, the market will never return to pre-covid levels. That’s in part because bicycles and related micro-mobility solutions will play an increasingly important role in helping to solve major issues including climate change, declining public health, traffic congestion, increasingly crowded cities and more.

The Latz Report recognises this critical role the bicycle industry has to play in delivering these solutions. It aims to accelerate these benefits by helping bicycle industry members to become more profitable through providing timely, relevant information and services.

Editorial Principles

We have old fashioned values when it comes to journalism. These include:

  • The ‘separation of church and state’, meaning that editorial content is published based upon its merit and any paid content is clearly labelled ‘Sponsored Content’ front and centre, at the start of that content.

  • We strive for the highest editorial standards, with our style being unashamedly more ‘broadsheet’ than ‘tabloid’ (to use an old-fashioned comparison). However, we do not equate this with another ‘b-word’… boring! We never adopt the dry, dull style used in academic papers.

  • We strive to simply report the facts and keep any editorialising quarantined to our clearly designated ‘Opinion’ articles, which we write infrequently, with a cool head.

  • We remain strictly non-partisan within our content and never endorse any political party.

  • When conducting interviews, especially for video or audio consumption, we follow three golden rules: research thoroughly, ask short questions, shut up and listen! (Only interrupting if absolutely necessary.)

  • Readers should know who is talking to them. That’s why we always include bylines and within the framework of the principles outlined above, we think that each contributor having their own voice adds flavour and variety.

If you like these principles and meet the Selection Criteria outlined below then you’ll feel right at home as part of our friendly team, so please apply!

Duty Statement

  1. Produce original content, for The Latz Report and Micromobility Report websites, newsletters and all related social media. This will primarily consist of written articles but will also include video, audio and photos where appropriate.

  2. Scan through a large volume of content from a wide range of sources, both within Australia and overseas, looking for content to re-post, always with full attribution and appropriate editing to customise the content for our audience.

  3. Cultivate both regular content contributors and more ad hoc sources of information. Give them guidelines regarding content and format.

  4. Source the best images, video and graphics to enhance each story, using both photo libraries and requests for specific images.

  5. As required and where logistically feasible, attend relevant industry events and other face to face opportunities to build relationships and source original content.

  6. Liaise with other team members via scheduled weekly zoom meetings and other communication as required.

Conditions of Employment

Part time, permanent position.

Three month probation period.

Initial hours 15 per week. Possible future expansion via mutual agreement.

Indicative rate $40 per hour, $31,200 per annum. (Approx. $79,000 per annum full time equivalent.)

Time of day and days of week flexible, apart from being available for a weekly team meeting each Thursday morning.

Work from home, providing own computer, office furniture etc.

All direct expenses including phone, travel, office supplies etc paid for via reimbursement upon presenting invoices to the Admin Manager.

Superannuation, sick leave, annual leave, public holidays etc, all in accordance with Award regulations.

Selection Criteria


  1. A proven track record as an experienced, successful writer or journalist.

  2. Good work habits including the ability to meet deadlines, organise workflows, high levels of motivation and the ability to work with minimal supervision.

  3. A genuine willingness to work as part of a team, which includes helping each other, taking direction and both giving and receiving constructive criticism.

  4. An intolerance of anything less than the highest standards of content production and editorial integrity.

  5. A strong personal alignment with the values of our company and the media titles that we produce. These include environmental sustainability, social equity, educating and empowering our audience by providing them with consistent, timely, useful and accurate information.

Highly Desirable

  1. A strong connection with at least one or more of the following areas: cycling, micromobility, urban design, liveable cities, environmental sustainability, government policy, innovative business and product development, mobility for people with a disability. Evidence of ‘a strong connection’ might include:

  2. A tertiary study or professional career history in one of these areas.

  3. Being well connected with key influencers in one or more of these areas.

  4. Already having been writing, speaking, or presenting via whatever other media, in one or more of these areas.

  5. Being based in a capital city or a regional city that’s well connected to transport. Our first preference is Sydney, Melbourne or Canberra, but if you’re not from these cities you’re still welcome to apply. (We’re based in Wollongong, NSW)

If this position interests you, then please send both your CV and a separate letter of application, in which you address how you meet each Selection Criteria, in the order that they appear above.

This is a test to see how well you can read and follow instructions.

If you don’t follow this instruction, then your application will be immediately discarded.

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