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About the Business

As Media Sales Manager, you'll be selling advertising packages for our two sister media properties, The Latz Report and Micromobility Report.

The Latz Report

The Latz Report ( is Australia's only bicycle trade newsletter and media service.

Founder, Phil Latz, has over 30 years of bicycle media experience, having co-founded Bicycling Australia with his wife in 1989 and built it into Australia's largest cycling media business, including a trade media division founded in 1996, before selling the business after 25 years' ownership.

During these decades Phil also served as a Director of Bicycle Industries Australia, was a co-founder of Australia's peak cycling advocacy organisation, spoke at a range of cycling conferences, created charity rides, trade shows and a range of other cycling related activities.

After spending two years working in cycling advocacy and charity, Phil re-entered the media, launching The Latz Report in 2019 with immediate success in terms of high readership and solid advertising support.

The Latz Report is sent to over 2,000 members of the bicycle trade throughout Australia and New Zealand, with much smaller readership across Asia, Europe and America. Subscribers include bicycle shops, wholesalers, manufacturers, cycle hire and tourism operators plus other related enterprises.

The Latz Report is 100% trade focused and is not marketed or distributed to the general public.

In 2021 we're adding a print edition of The Latz Report Yearbook. This trade sourcing directory is a much loved institution in the bicycle industry since it was first launched in 1996.

Australia's bicycle industry is vibrant, with a turnover exceeding one billion dollars per year. It has grown strongly through the covid pandemic and is poised for a further era of growth thanks in part to new technology leading to rapidly growing new sectors such as e-bikes.

Micromobility Report

Micromobility includes light electric vehicles, skateboards, scooters, bicycles, cargo bicycles, mobility scooters and other new urban transportation modes, mainly electric power assisted.

Bicycles and related micro-mobility solutions will play an increasingly important role in helping to solve major issues including climate change, declining public health, traffic congestion, increasingly crowded cities and more.

Micromobility Report ( reports on products, infrastructure and recreation. Unlike The Latz Report, members of the public can subscribe to the Micromobility Report newsletter, which is primarily aimed at business, government, academics, organisations and other thought leaders and influencers.

Your Role

Our Media Sales Manager role gives you an opportunity to be part of this vital industry, with the flexibility to work from almost anywhere within Australia and to set your own hours (within parameters).

You'll be part of a small but highly respected organisation that has long, productive, direct relationships with virtually all of the key organisations, owners and managers throughout the bicycle industry. We also have good relationships with some members of the Micromobility sector, but this is an area where the Media Sales Manager will need to build new relationships.

You'll be part of a friendly and highly skilled team of four with the other roles being Publisher, Admin Manager and Web & Social Media Manager.

This vacancy has arisen because the current, outstanding Media Sales Manager has growing other commitments, but she will be staying long enough to help train and handover to the successful applicant..

Duty Statement

1. Sell advertising for The Latz Report and Micromobility Report Newsletters, Websites, YouTube Channels, Yearbook and other media, always prioritising long term relationships and genuine service ahead of short term sales.

2. Diligently maintain advertising client records and contact notes using our shared, cloud based Pipedrive system.

3. Help to develop sales campaigns, product strategies, new income streams and to refine our Media Kit.

4. Attend face to face meetings or other events (infrequently).

5. Any other duties as directed by the Publisher.

Conditions of Employment

Although the successful applicant could work from anywhere in Australia, our first preference would be Melbourne, which is the centre of the Australian bicycle industry. Our second preference is anywhere in Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide or Canberra. Our third preference is anywhere else in the eastern half of Australia.

We will not be considering applicants from WA due to the time zone distance and travel cost.

We already employ part time a highly experienced Office Manager, who works from our office in Wollongong NSW and is responsible for all invoicing and administration, so that the Media Sales Manager can focus upon their core duty of sales.

This is a contract role. Initially for 15 hours per week. These hours can be worked over anything between three and five days per week. (for example five hours per day for three days or three hours per day for five days). If only working three days, they must be evenly spread through the week, so that clients can be contacted or replied to within two working days.

We do not anticipate the working hours changing significantly in the short to medium term. They may grow slightly in the long term depending upon how successful the Media Sales Manager is. We expect that this will remain a part time role that can fit within school hours or other work or family commitments.

The Media Sales Manager must be available for a brief team meeting each Thursday, which is the only time when the Office Manager, Web and Social Media Manager and Publisher are all working simultaneously.

Remuneration is in the form of an hourly rate, or a commission rate, whichever is the greater. There are clearly defined monthly sales targets, with a bonus above commission payable on all sales in excess of these targets.

After an initial start up period, the commission and bonus rate earned must be significantly higher than the hourly rate in order to achieve a good result for both parties.

There will be an initial three month probation period.

There will be minimal travel required, for which expenses will be reimbursed.

Office expenses such as work related phone, consumables, software costs etc will be reimbursed.

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