• pbourke2

Mountain bike manager - Perth


If you want to be part of an exciting time at WestCycle and have a desire to work hard to improve community outcomes for bike riders we want to hear from you.

Now is an incredibly exciting time for bike riding in Western Australia, Perth was recently recognised as one of the top five cities in the world to ride a bike and off the back of record funding for new infrastructure, a surge in participation and a desire to create an, even more, bike-friendly State, WestCycle is seeking to fill a number of roles within its team.

We are a professional and passionate team of people who come to work each day with a desire of improving bike riding outcomes. We are focused on working with all stakeholders to promote and develop an inclusive and cohesive culture for biking riding in order to make riding a bike a more common activity for all.

Our team lives by a work ethic of collaboration and teamwork, we are outcomes-focused.


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