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National visual merchandiser - Canberra


A bit about us

Our mission is to create products we love and take care of our customers. We value our team, making sure the best is on the field. We also appreciate new ideas from anywhere, inspiring others with our positive energy, dealing with reality to make the tough calls, and getting things done quickly, turning ideas into reality.

Come, join us, and help us transform the world, the bicycle, and have a blast while doing it!

Position Description

The National Visual Merchandiser is responsible for developing, implementing and maintaining the visual presentation strategy. Working together with all relevant DRI’s will promote the brand standards and maximising the retail space to full potentials.

We are developing ground-breaking retail environments for our direct owned stores, whilst at the same time supporting our extensive dealer network with credible retail solutions and knowledge to help them run a better business.

Travel and Execution

Travel to new and existing locations to implement new standards and maintain existing assets should take 50% of the time. Conduct quarterly visual audits; training store staff; installation of latest merchandising guideline; fixtures and graphics packages.

Visual Planning

The National Visual Merchandiser develops floorplans; displays of products and services in order to inspire our customers while maximizing sales and profit. These include window displays, interior point-of-sale displays, special promotions and general merchandising of bikes, parts and accessories.

Budget and Timeline Management

Stay within a set timeline and budget for every visual project, this includes providing a budget to Store Designers for Visual aspects of the design as well as manage the budget for projects that only require Visual Presentation needs.

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