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R&D Project manager - Melbourne


About the business

Proudly Melbourne born and bred but sold and loved the world over, Knog is best known as a cycling accessories brand, we are particularly well known for our award winning bike lights and bells.

Over the last year we have also moved into the Outdoor category and our brilliantly designed products now also include camping accessories and some wonderfully innovative headlamps. Cycling will be the core of our business in the near term, but we're on an exciting journey to establish ourselves in the outdoor category. We are based in beautiful offices in Cremorne, where our products are designed and developed.

About the role

The role we are looking to fill is that of Knog's R&D Project Manager. Your knowledge of all aspects of R&D will be beneficial and you will be an integral member of our small but powerful R&D team.

We're looking for someone who is multi-skilled and crucially is hungry to get involved in our business. You will need to be able to show us you know what you're doing and ideally, you'll already have 5-7 years' experience doing a similar role for a brand, or at an agency.

We have a rather large list of new projects ready to move into development, so we'd need you to jump straight into mapping out project timelines, confirming R&D budgets and begin liaising with factories. Whilst you will work with our designers, engineers and suppliers and report to our high level executive, the successful candidate will need to be a self-motivated individual. As cliché as it sounds this role will be what you want to make of it. We're open to new ideas and ways of working and your contribution will help shape the next chapter of Knog's business.

Oh, and if you love cycling and/or camping, it wouldn't hurt – but it's not a mandatory and we wouldn't want you to fake it.

Benefits and perks

Be in control of your own destiny- You'll reporting to COO and CEO and you'll work closely with them when it comes to setting goals and budgets, but you'll also be given as much control over the role as you wish to take. We want you to feel a real sense of ownership over the delivery of development projects at Knog.

Beautiful offices & convenient location- Stunning Cremorne design studio located close to parks, the newly spruced-up Swan St and just opposite Richmond and East Richmond stations.

Great working environment- At Knog we have worked hard to create a friendly, creative and fun working environment. Whether it is cracking open a beer on a Friday afternoon or buying you a cake on your birthday, you'll discover we're a friendly bunch.

Further development- Opportunity for further skills development as the business enters an ambitious growth phase.

How we expect your role to play out

Given the size of the company and the size of the development team, we believe that flatter structure works better, allowing a team of ’Specialists' to work to their strengths. This means that your role will be as a senior member in the greater Knog team specialising in ensuring projects are delivered on time. Your participation within the R&D team will involve a portion of time as a Senior Project Engineer. This will include tasks such as involvement in Conceptual Development, 3D CAD modelling, 2D Documentation, FEA/FMEA/Tolerance Analysis, DVP Testing, Documentation, liaison with and factory visits.

We expect the bias in your role to look something like…

Project Management 70%

Product Engineering 20%

Process Management 10%

Within your tenure, you will have the following responsibilities:

  1. Project management - Timeline creation (JIRA & Biggantt) and tracking

  2. Stage Gate reviews - ensuring each project passes through the stage gate effectively

  3. Design issue tracking - this will be managed by individual team members via JIRA, however you will be responsible for setting up each new JIRA project and Confluence Space

  4. Development team members will be responsible for their own detailed timelines but they will report this to you and you will manage the most effective way with the team member in order to keep projects on track

  5. Tracking documentation release in readiness for production handover

  6. Ensure that at the point of handover to production, the necessary compliance and certifications are in place for given product types and jurisdictions

  7. Ensure factories/suppliers are performing effectively throughout the development process, from a responsibility, timing, delivery and budgetary point of view

  8. Commercial aspects such as, whitepapers input, ROI, tooling estimates, BOM targets and initial estimates

Primary Role - Project Manager (your specialist 70% role)

You will be responsible for tracking all aspects of the delivery of projects. This will include outputs from the following activities/departments:

  • Tracking mechanical and electronic developments (including out-sourced)

  • Tracking packaging development

  • Tracking firmware development

  • Tracking DVP testing

  • Tracking tool manufacture, jigs and fixtures, etc.

  • Managing sampling (salesman samples, field test units, etc)

The point at which you handover responsibility will be 'production ready' status. This is where Knog Production Manager will pick up the project and prepare the selected factory for mass production of the product(s).

Secondary Role - Senior Design Engineer (the 20% role)

  • Involvement in Conceptual Development - as consultant engineer

  • Reviewing product designs

  • Reviewing documentation, including materials and finishes specs

  • Occasional review of FEA/FMEA/Tolerance Analysis

  • OTS tasks

  • Mentoring the junior members of the design team

  • Liaison with factories and Factory visits

  • Involvement and driving QA/QC in the development process

The balance of the Role - Process Management

This will entail such activities as implementing new process initiatives, refining the old and ensuring there is sufficient resource to get the best out of the development process.

Hours of Work

You will be required to work the normal business hours i.e. 38hrs a week and any other times as may be deemed necessary to meet the work requirements of the company. However, since the pandemic Knog has been trialling a flexible working week. That is, if you chose to compress your 38hrs in to 4 days, you are invited to take the Friday off. Or part of Friday off if you are not able to compress your hours entirely. Again, due to the pandemic Knog has been successful in introducing a partial work from home environment. This allows for team members to work in the quiet of their home if and when the need arises to nail that critical time line task(s).

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