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With the current Covid boom in the Bicycle Industry this has lead to some new positions becoming available for both

full time sales and mechanic positions. We are looking for people with a passion for bikes similar to our own who would like to work in a friendly, like-minded workplace. The successful candidate will be comfortable dealing with all sorts of bicycles from family to high end while at the same time valuing the satisfaction to be gained from keeping the everyday cyclist on the road.

A demonstrated passion for cycling is essential (we don't just mean you used to love a bike you used to have in primary school once - you have to love and use your bikes now!). If you can combine that with a friendly, professional attitude and significant experience in retail that would be ideal.

Even though we would ideally like to fill a full time position, if you fit the description above but can only work part time or casually please still contact us - we'd love to talk to you.

All enquiries and applications will be kept strictly confidential.

Location and Hours of operation

We are positioned in Lynbrook within the South Eastern suburbs of Melbourne. We operate 7 days with a shorter day on Sunday. Successful applicants will need to work 5 days over a 7 day week including one day on the weekends.

Skills and experience

Experience in retails sales is vital, with bicycle industry experience

Keen to develop a thorough knowledge of bicycles and related products.

Outstanding verbal communication skills.


Ability to work independently and in a team environment.

Ability to problem solve and meet our high standard of customer service.

Well presented and punctual.


The salary range will depend on the skills, experience and attributes of the successful applicant.

Is this for you?

Like the bicycle trade, talking to people and providing them with the best service and advice you can?

Well, what are you waiting for...? Apply already!

please send your CV to

Please note: Only the successful applicant will be contacted by phone.

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