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Share e-bike mechanic - Sydney

Your role is as part of a supportive team to ensure that e-Bikes are ready for deployment, to an operational, safety and sanitation standard. You will be provided with detailed training and instruction on the repair of the model(s) of bikes used. You will track all bikes and parts used via the online internal system. Most of the work is mechanical in nature, and there is a small amount of computer and software update work. The role will be Monday-Friday, 7am-3pm, with a 30 min lunch break.

Key stakeholders

  • Micro Mobility Lead Mechanic, In-Warehouse Operations Coordinator

  • Other Micro Mobility Mechanics

  • Field Team Operations Specialists (van drivers)

  • Public

Education and Experience

  • Prior experience with eBike or eScooter servicing and maintenance preferred (but not essential)

  • Ability to use standard hand and power tools to solve problems

  • Intermediate computer skills (inventory management software, documents, web browser, emails etc.)

  • Comfortable with using smartphones/apps - text messaging

About Good Cycles

Good Cycles empowers young people facing barriers to work by offering them employment pathways. We improve their futures and contribute to more sustainable cities.​

Good Cycles is an independent not-for-profit social enterprise. Our vision is to provide young people at risk of disengagement with employment opportunities that improve their futures. Good Cycles is building a sustainable social enterprise and growing its service offering across retail, fleet maintenance and a growing range of services for cities.

Our approach

Good Cycles invests all profits in the creation of entry level jobs and support for young job seekers facing socio-economic disadvantages to overcome barriers to employment. We do this through

  1. Paid work experience

  2. Supporting development of transferable skills

  3. Facilitating professional networks and employment pathways.

Good Cycles is guided by an evidence-supported Theory of Change that maps pathways for helping young people grasp employment opportunities and build better futures. Through on-the-job learning, we improve job readiness, support networks, financial wellbeing, and resilience. The People and Impact team provide guidance and services to enable support of Good Cycles’ mission through our business operations.

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