Proposed changes to e-bike import license rules

November 13, 2016


In a letter sent on the 24th of October, the Dept of Infrastructure has identified 13 further categories to be utilised to assess whether a vehicle should be considered a power assisted pedal cycle (AB). If a vehicle does not meet these guidelines, it is recommended that an import licence is not granted and the bicycles are not permitted to enter Australia. 

The 13 categories are;

  • have a total weight (including batteries) less than 35kg;

  • have a gearing mechanism between the pedals/crank and the driven wheel;

  • have a parallel centre-to-centre length of the crank arms not less than 160mm;

  • the distance between the outer of the pedal attachment points on the crank arms, when measured parallel to the bottom bracket axle, does not exceed 250mm;

  • have a seat capable of being height adjustable;

  • the distance from top of seat to crank centre is greater than 450mm when the seat is at the lowest position;

  • have no alternative place (other than the pedals) on the vehicle for the rider to rest their feet on whilst the rider is not propelling the vehicle;

  • the vehicle is rendered inoperable by removal of the pedals and cranks;

  • the vehicle is not equipped with integrated lighting, such as headlamp(s), front and/or rear position lamps, stop lamps and/or direction indicators;

  • the vehicle is not equipped with a speedometer;

  • the tyre section width is not greater than 50mm;

  • the vehicle is not equipped with mirrors and/or a horn; and

  • the vehicle is not equipped with integrated passenger seating.

These categories will affect all 200w and 250w bicycles.

The BIA is meeting with the Dept of Transport to discuss the impact on the industry and identify the best way forward.

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