Cytech technical two

The international benchmark in bicycle maintenance - this is the minimum level training expected by the industry if you would like to work as a bicycle mechanic in Australia.

Cytech technical two provides full practical training and assessment in the core area of assembly, set-up and ongoing servicing and maintenance.

What does this course include?


Intensive training and assessment covering the following topics:

  • Health & Safety in the workshop

  • Headsets, gears, rim brakes, hubs & bearings

  • Introduction to disc brakes and hydraulic bleeding

  • Internal hub gears

  • Wheel truing & spoke replacement

  • Wheel building


How much does this course cost?


Cytech technical two training and assessment is available to members of the public and cycle shop employees through the BIA.

The two-week course costs $2000 + GST - including all course material

All BIA members receive 10% discount on course costs.

BIA member details can be found at -


Course details 


Assessment only courses are also available, contact the BIA for more details.

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