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Retail membership


The role of the BIA is to support and grow the bicycle industry.

The BIA undertakes many activities on behalf of the industry that individual businesses would not have the capacity to undertake. These activities include 

  • standards development 

  • government lobbying

  • technical representation.

As a member based organisation, we are led by the industry.  

Join today to for the benefit of your business and the entire industry.

Retail membership benefits include;

  • Access to technical advice

  • Access to retail factsheets

  • Advertise job opportunities

  • Access to industry webinars

  • Resources for riders - customers

  • Support lobbying for legal and technical issues

  • Listed on BIA website

  • Support management of new and existing standards

  • Use of BIA logo on store website

  • Membership fees are tax deductible

For any further questions regarding membership, please contact Peter on 0438 871 271

Retail membershipbenefits
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