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Bike mechanic - Melbourne

As a Trek Production Technician, no one day is the same as the last. This job is all about keeping bikes running flawlessly and building relationships so their owners love riding them. We are looking for a skilled technician who will complete more than 50% of the total repairs for the team. This Lead Technician role focuses on repairing bikes quickly and consistently, while keeping accuracy and quality a top priority. The team and our customers will be trusting you with the most complex repairs. This role requires elevated technical skills as well as communication, leadership, and problem solving.What you'll experience on the job:

  • Flexible work schedule

  • Opportunity for increased pay based on efficiency and production level

  • Minimal interaction with customers

  • Access to a full complement of the industry's best tools

  • Potential for paid travel to other US based Trek Stores

What you'll bring to the team

  • Self-motivation, a positive, team-focused mentality, plus a willingness to pitch in on any task

  • Fantastic hospitality-a warm, approachable manner, great listening skills, and a drive to help in any way you can-even on the toughest, busiest days

  • Top-notch communication skills

  • Impressive attention to detail and a love for tinkering 'til you figure it out

  • Eagerness to learn the ins and outs of servicing bicycles

  • A desire to continually learn proper service methods and new technologies

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