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Electric bicycle mechanic - Perth


Bikemore has been dealing with electric bikes for over 12 years. We are passionate about all ebikes and hope you are too. We are looking for someone who is not afraid of a challange, especially when we will work with you to train you in all matters of ebike repair and maintanance and more if you wish to expand your skill set.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Keep workshop clean and tidy.

  • Unload ebikes and other deliveries.

  • Assist customers to unload ebikes entering/leaving workshop.

  • Pack discarded boxes ready for rubbish collection.

  • Assemble all electric bikes as per our specifications.

  • Part assemble delivered new ebikes ready for sale on retail shop floor.

  • Repair and service any brand of electric bike

  • Fit any accessories as required as customers wait.

  • Assist/liaise with customers in the sale of ebikes when and if the time arises. Repair and service work come first.

  • Order and check parts needed to service and repair our ebike range via Wholesale partners.

  • Verify and complete any warranty claims on the ebike from the customer.


Depending on your enthuiasm and experience we are able to offer between $20 and $35 per hour. Additional commissions available..

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