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Assistant Director - Active travel planning

If you are an enthusiastic person not afraid of changes and challenges, are inspiring, with right skills and positive attitude, join Infrastructure Planning team in the role of Active Travel Planning and Infrastructure Programs development position.

Your knowledge, experience, expertise, and most importantly passion for Active Travel will assist our team and ACT Government’s strategic goal for sustainable transport, influence decisions in reshaping our city and enhance our vision of more Canberrans walking and cycling.

You will be responsible for development and management of the infrastructure priorities, acts as a coordination role for initiatives and schemes associated with Active Travel network planning and other infrastructure assets program development.

The Recreational Assets and Road Safety, Capital Works and Asset Management teams manage planning, development, and delivery of forward Capital Works programs of all infrastructure assets including initiatives associated with Active Travel and Road Safety.

The role will be responsible for managing feasibility studies and investigations for the forward planning of Infrastructure investment opportunities, including the initiatives for Active Travel and Road Safety. This includes managing and planning for the Active Travel network and update of the Active Travel Network map, Active Travel priority list to assist in initiation, development and revision of future business cases and project plans.

The successful candidate will work with the other areas within the TCCS and external agencies to plan, develop and deliver forward programs and initiatives.

A successful candidate will need to be a leader with strong communication skills, is engaging and have people’s focus and be a driving force for positive culture, respect, and collaboration.

The ideal candidate will possess innate ability to draw on right skills, align team performance and have capacity to achieve organisational objectives, and at the same time be committed to continual learning, encourage ongoing development, and engage right people to the right roles.

We never work outside of the boxes, as we don’t believe in the concept of ‘box’ in the first place, being outdated and overused.

Eligibility/Other Requirements:

  • Hold a relevant professional qualification in Engineering, Architecture, Planning, Transport Planning and Project Management or relevant discipline with accreditation with a professional body recognised within Australia; or

  • Hold a relevant building degree; or

  • Have significant building or Infrastructure knowledge and/or project and contract management experience.

Desirable: Procurement, project management/contract management and contract administration skills and applicable knowledge of ArcGis Pro.

Notes: An order of merit will be established from this selection process and may be used to fill future identical vacancies over the next 12 months. This position will be moving to a new workplace designed for activity-based working (ABW). Under ABW arrangements, officers will not have a designated workstation/desk.

How to Apply: For further information, please visit 

Contact Officer: Snezana Dimitrovska 0432 757 189

Applicants should note that a Joint Selection Committee (JSC) established in accordance with the collective/enterprise agreement provisions will assess all applications for this position.

Applications Close: 16 April 2024

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