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AUS & NZ Brand specialist

Brand - 60-70%

  • Develop and implement marketing strategies that align with the overall brand goals and objectives through multiple marketing channels; digital, retail, events, ecommerce etc.

  • Collaborate with creative teams to design advertising materials and compelling content across various media platforms.

  • Gather insights on market trends, customer preferences, and competitive positioning.

  • Developing clear and compelling brand messages that resonate with target audiences. This includes overseeing the creation of promotional materials and ensuring all content reflects the brand's values and voice.

  • Lead and coordinate marketing events and product launches to maximize brand exposure.

  • Relationship building: Engaging with internal & external stakeholders including customers, media partners, and internal teams to gather feedback and enhance brand loyalty.

  • Overseeing the budget for branding activities to ensure resources are used efficiently and strategically to achieve brand objectives.

Brand Retail - 20-30%

  • Planning and implementing marketing campaigns that promote brand awareness and product launches. This involves coordination with different departments to ensure campaigns are effective and meet business goals.

  • Protecting the brand: Handling potential threats to the brand's image and reputation, developing response strategies to mitigate any negative impacts.

  • Commercially minded. Finding new ways to drive sales through this channel.

  • Training and Guidance: Providing guidance and training to team members and other departments on brand standards and best practices to ensure consistent brand representation.

Social Media - 10-15%

  • Managing & execution of organic social media posts

  • Provide regular reporting and insights.

  • Monitor and communicate scorecard performance.

  • Communicate report findings with global and regional teams.

Skills, Experience & Attributes

  • Degree in Advertising, Communications, Marketing, or related field; or equivalent experience

  • Minimum 5 years marketing experience

  • Ability to turn analytics and insights into consumer and retail deliverables.

  • Familiarity with digital marketing tools and platforms, including sprout, GA, FB insights.

  • Team player with an owners mentality

  • Outstanding hospitality skills both internally and externally

  • Strong planning, organizational skills, analytical skills, ability to multi-task

  • Highly organized and a good communicator

  • Passion for cycling or industry experience is a plus but not essential

Being an ANZ support staff role, flexibility to meet with international colleagues at a mutually beneficial time will be at times required. There may also be a need to travel from time to time.The overall expectation is that all employees consistently demonstrate behaviours that are aligned with Trek's Values, as outlined in the Brand Book.

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