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Bike mechanic - Perth

We are a unique business as we sell second-hand quality bikes, sell and service electric bikes and scooters, as well as servicing all types of bicycles.


Our passion is bikes – everything from racing bikes, electric bikes and scooters, to the casual everyday cyclist. Also, we tinker in petrol skateboards, custom cycles and other unique bikes.


We are seeking an experienced bicycle mechanic to join our small team. Your primary roll is a mechanic, however, you will need to be able to assist with sales and customer service enquiries throughout the day, if needed. Age is no barrier, however you must be able to work efficiently and prioritise your mechanical tasks to ensure that they are completed by the deadline.


We have a large dedicated workshop, one of the best in town, with a clean working area including the latest tools and equipment.


The position is full-time, including Saturdays. An immediate start is on offer. We provide a business t-shirt so that you look part of the Movement Systems team.


Experience & Qualifications:

• Previous bicycle mechanic experience is 100% MUST , so if you don’t have any experience please don’t apply for this position.

• Ability to build bicycle wheels.

• Mechanical skills to build and repair bicycles, scooters and trikes.

• Electric skills to build and repair electric bicycles, scooters and trikes.

• Strong brand knowledge of different bicycle types, mechanics and specs to assist customers with their enquiries.

• Previous cycling experience (not essential) – competition or casual racing, etc.


About you:

• Well presented and clean

• Friendly and approachable

• Hardworking

• Efficient

• Honest

• Loyal

• Possess a high standard of workmanship

• Excellent communication skills

• Strong self-management skills – you must have the ability to set yourself tasks that can be completed within the required timeframes.

• Ability to work autonomously within a busy workshop environment and clean-up after yourself.

• Team player


Qualifications & experience


  • MUST have worked in industry prior and have skills associated to the bicycle industry



Tasks & responsibilities


  • Mechanical tasks ,scooter tasks , wheel building very wide and broad range





  • Show your worth and fit into our team and benefits will come , honesty and trust a priority

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