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Casual sales and workshop - Perth

The Bike Place in Port Kennedy is looking for casual team members to work as part of a team to offer world class service to our growing customer base in our new superstore.

We have sales and customer service roles as well as workshop roles. All our team are trained on basic bike maintenance – such as building, safety checks and puncture changes to help our customers get back or on their new bike ASAP.

We stock and love Trek and base many parts of our business on the Trek way of doing business. We also stock many other leading brands of bikes and accessories.

Skill and Experience:

First thing you need to know: this isn't a typical retail gig. You'll be on the front line helping people have fun by riding bikes. You'll learn about some of the smartest products in the cycling industry, make thoughtful recommendations to your customers, and carry on meaningful relationships with riders in your community.This position requires contagious enthusiasm. The pace is fast, the customers are curious, and having an all-for-one, customer-centric team mentality is huge.We'd rather hire someone who's eager to learn than someone who thinks they know it all. If you're already a bike expert, that's awesome. If not, we'll train you. The key is that you know how to treat customers, evaluate their needs, and exceed their expectations.

As a new and growing business the role is diverse, you'll learn how to build bikes and grow the business in other ways at the quieter times.


We are a locally owned and operated business with room to grow in a long and rewarding career path.

Great staff benefits both from us and Trek.

Current Casual Adult Rates Weekday $30.91Saturday $37.10Sunday $43.28

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