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Events Manager - Sydney

Event Manager - Location Flexible

(Please note that the location field only says ‘Sydney NSW 2000’ because Seek requires a single location / postcode. In reality, this job is open to anyone living in Sydney, Melbourne or anywhere in between.)

Here is a unique opportunity for you to do something deeply satisfying and worthwhile, if you share our perspectives in relation to sustainable transport, social equity and liveable communities.

You’d be joining a small, highly-skilled and experienced team led by unashamedly idealistic founders.

We’re currently four part time team members plus a couple of regular contributors.

We produce two websites / newsletters / yearbooks and a major annual conference. You can find detailed background information on all of these activities at the bottom of this advertisement.

We’re based in Wollongong NSW, but our market is nationwide and international. Our team all work from home most days. Three live in Wollongong and one lives in a distant rural location. We’re a family friendly employer. All of our team are raising children and we offer flexible working hours to accommodate school hours and family needs as required.

Duty Statement

You’ll undertake a wide range of tasks to help plan, promote and run the annual Micromobility Conference. The concurrent Micromobility Expo will be run by our partners, so you’ll be able to focus upon the Conference.

These tasks will focus around building contacts and working relationships with potential delegates, updating our database, helping potential delegates with any questions and encouraging them to register. About 50% of the role is targeted sales & marketing work, so please do not apply if you’re not prepared and comfortable with this requirement.

You will also need to work at the conference itself (in Sydney for 2023 then Melbourne 2024 and continuing to alternate) alongside the rest of our team, greeting delegates and presenters, liaising with venue personnel and ensuring that the conference runs smoothly.

Selection Criteria


  1. A proven track record in successfully running events, with at least three years’ experience.

  2. Excellent written and oral communication skills, including confidence in meeting and talking with people from all walks of life.

  3. A proven ability to meet deadlines when working with minimal supervision, whilst maintaining close attention to detail.

  4. A high level of personal integrity and discretion with confidential information.

  5. A high level of computer literacy including experience working with websites and social media.

  6. At least some connection with at least one or more of the following areas: cycling, micromobility, urban design, liveable cities, environmental sustainability, mobility for people with a disability. Evidence of this might include:

    1. A tertiary study or professional career history in one of these areas.

    2. Having any sort of hobby or voluntary involvement in one or more of these areas.


  1. Being well set up to work from home and preferring to do this.

  2. Living either in Wollongong, Sydney, Melbourne or at least somewhere with reasonably easy access to Sydney or Melbourne.

Conditions of Employment

Part time, casual position with potential to become part time permanent.

10 hours per week, increasing to 20 hours per week then to full time for the final week prior to the Micromobility Conference plus two full days at the conference itself.

$35 to $40 per hour, depending upon qualifications and experience.

A substantial bonus will be payable if conference registration numbers exceed an agreed target.

Time of day and days of week flexible, apart from being available for a weekly team meeting each Thursday morning.

Work from home, providing own computer, office furniture etc.

Travel & accommodation expenses for the Micromobility Conference will be fully paid for.

All direct expenses including phone, office supplies etc paid for via reimbursement upon presenting invoices to the Admin Manager.

Superannuation, sick leave, in accordance with Award regulations.

Important Notice

This role will not commence immediately. We won't be finalising selection before late Jan 2023, after we return from Christmas holidays.

If this position interests you, then please send both your CV and a separate letter of application, in which you address how you meet each Selection Criteria, in the order that they appear above, using the same numbered paragraphs.

This is a test to see how well you can read and follow instructions.

If you don’t follow this instruction, then your application will be discarded.

Background Information

Micromobility Conference & Expo

This is a major new event that was launched in 2022, initially held at Royal Randwick Racecourse in Sydney. The inaugural event was extremely successful, receiving rave reviews from delegates and presenters.

We’re fully responsible for all aspects of the Micromobility Conference and we’re partnering with a specialist events company who will run the Micromobility Expo.

This was a two day event held on Friday 25th to Saturday 26th November. It included an awards dinner and various other ancillary events.

Although the Micromobility Conference and Expo is new, both partners have had long experience at running successful events in the past.

It's a professional level conference in a blue chip venue, aimed at members of government, industry and the not for profit sector.

You can see more details at

Micromobility Report and Micromobility Report Yearbook

The Micromobility Report, is Australia’s first and only specialist media focusing on this new, exciting and rapidly expanding field.

The Micromobility Report is written for a wide range of business leaders, all levels of government, academia and the general public. It’s aimed at an Australian readership, covering news and events not only Australia-wide but throughout the world. Its monthly page views have tripled during calendar year 2022.

Its current and planned future content is divided into four main areas:

  • All forms of micromobility products, also known as PMD’s (personal mobility devices). These include e-bikes, e-scooters, cargo bikes and more.

  • Mobility for people with a disability: including mobility scooters, electric wheelchairs and all related products and issues.

  • Infrastructure: including bike and scooter share systems, protected paths, policy and funding, mobility as a service and more.

  • Recreation: including rail trails, mountain bike trails and all other forms of cycle tourism.

The Micromobility Report Yearbook will be launched at the 2023 Micromobility Conference.

The Latz Report and The Latz Report Yearbook

The Latz Report, is Australia and New Zealand’s only bicycle trade newsletter and media service.

Co-founder, Phil Latz, has over 30 years of bicycle media experience, having co-founded Bicycling Australia in 1989 and built it into Australia's largest cycling media business, including a trade media division founded in 1996, before selling the business after 25 years’ ownership.

In 2018 Yaffa Media, who was the purchaser of the five titles that comprised the magazine component of the business, decided to close Bicycling Trade Magazine, which had been founded by Phil over two decades earlier. Having sold the Bicycling Trade masthead, Phil simply recommenced under his own name as ‘The Latz Report’, and later ‘The Latz Report Yearbook’. Both have been immediately successful, thanks to the goodwill and deep relationships generated with the target audience since 1989.

The Latz Report newsletter is sent via email to over 2,000 members of the bicycle trade throughout Australia and New Zealand, with much smaller readership across Asia, Europe and America. Subscribers include bicycle shops, wholesalers, manufacturers, cycle hire and tourism operators plus other related enterprises.

The Latz Report is 100% B2B (business to business) focused and is not marketed or distributed to the general public.

We predict that bicycles and related micro-mobility solutions will play an increasingly important role in helping to solve major issues including climate change, declining public health, traffic congestion, increasingly crowded cities and more.

The Latz Report recognises this critical role the bicycle industry has to play in delivering these solutions. It aims to accelerate these benefits by helping bicycle industry members to become more profitable through providing timely, relevant information and services.


influencers! is a long form (about 30 minutes) one on one interview series posted as videos on YouTube, podcasts and transcripts.

Interviewees range from media personalities through to unsung heroes. Most interviews are face to face with some international guests being interviewed via Zoom.

You can view the series here:

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