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Waste Auditor and Bin Lead

Company Overview:

Green Wheels is a grant recipient of the EPA Bin Trim program that is leading the way

for sustainability in the bike industry by conducting waste auditing with a view to

create an accreditation program.

Green Wheels is dedicated to fostering relationships in the bike industry, promoting

sustainable waste management practices and reducing the environmental impact.

As part of the program, bike stores are entitled to a three month free bin trial with

Revolve ReCYCLING. This is a hybrid role that would see you conducting the waste

audit and then facilitating the bin trial.

Job Summary:

We are seeking a Remote Regional Sustainability Manager NSW to join our team on

a contractor basis. This is a dynamic role that incorporates waste assessing and bin

recycling service rollout, management and collection.

The Waste Auditor will be responsible for independently visiting sites identified by

Green Wheels and conducting waste audits according to program guidelines, as well

as working with the team at RR and the bike stores to organise and facilitate the bin

trial. The aim of the bin trial is to turn this into a paid service, you will then be

managing this as part of your role/ The successful candidate will utilise the Bin Trim

EPA app to document audits, collect signed agreements from audited sites, and

report findings back to the Program Manager. As well as have sales experience for

the successful implementation of the bin program.

Key Responsibilities:

● Independently visit sites identified by Green Wheels to conduct waste audits.

● Perform both new and existing audits in accordance with program guidelines

and requirements.

● Utilise the Bin Trim EPA app to accurately document audit details and


● Collect signed agreements from audited sites as necessary.

● Report audit findings and recommendations to the Program Manager and to

the bike stores in a timely manner.

● Maintain confidentiality of all proprietary and sensitive information obtained

during audits.

● Promote and coordinate the delivery of bins for metal, e-waste and rubber.

● Use our CRM system to manage and nurture customers through both the Bin

Trim and bin recycling service.

● Ideally, you can also perform the delivery and collection of the bins on a

fortnightly or monthly basis as required.

● Adhere to health, safety, and environmental regulations and guidelines while

performing audits.

● Collaborate with other team members and stakeholders to ensure efficient

and effective audit processes.

● Provide excellent customer service and support to sites and stakeholders.

● Liaise with stakeholders RR and GW to facilitate the growth of the bin



● Previous experience in waste management, environmental auditing, or related

field preferred.

● Familiarity with waste auditing procedures and methodologies is desirable.

● Strong attention to detail and ability to accurately document audit findings.

● Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

● Ability to work independently and manage time effectively.

● Valid driver's licence and access to reliable transportation required.

● Ideal, also has a vehicle and trailer for the bin delivery and collections.

● Must be comfortable working outdoors and visiting various sites across New

South Wales.

Contract Terms:

● Contractor position with invoicing on a fortnightly basis.

● Initial auditing workload of up to ten stores per week.

● Fee of $30 per store audit, plus $1 per km travel time

● ABN required for invoicing purposes.

● Beneficial if you also have access to a work car and trailer

To apply please email Guido Verbist with a cover letter and resume to

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