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Bike mechanic - Melrose SA

At Over the Edge - we aim to improve our community economically, socially and environmentally through the humble bike.

Melrose, South Australia ( 3 hrs north of Adelaide ) is well known for over 100km of singletrack and as a destination bike store we hire and sell bikes along with shop merchandise, lovely merino wool and parts and accessories. Brands we stock are IBIS, KNOLLY, FOCUS, ROCKY MOUNTAIN, PATROL and TREK. We have a fully equipped service department, a coffee machine that never turns off and our focus is ensuring our riders have an awesome time in Melrose on and off the bike.

We are looking for an awesome bike mechanic but that's not all we need.Your role would vary from Bike Mechanic to Bike and Product Sales

A friendly personality, great organisation and communication skills along with exceptional customer service is required. Reliability is a MUST!.

Apply if you are looking for more than just a job, we want to ensure you have a work-life balance and enjoy living in this friendly community whilst exploring the beauty around it.

For a more details job description please email -

Check out our website -

Please send in a cover letter - telling us why you would love to work for Over the Edge

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